Elon MEME Competition

Thank you everyone who participated in our Elon MEME Competition!

As before, the choice was hard! Some of you guys have awesome creativity and we respect the amount of effort some of you put in. There can only be 5 winners. 

If you see your name below it means you have won. To claim your reward do the follow:

Send your BSC Smart chain address on Twitter to receive BabyShibaInu tokens.

1st Place: @Babamana6

This one had a unanimous vote from the devs. Its just... so good. Babamana6, congratulations once more. 

2nd Place: @AK-47z

Fantastic animation! I think the car being a tesla truck would have bagged you a first spot. Either way, good work!

3rd Place: @FatahillahGila1

Cute and hilarious. Who doesn't love a furry fluff ball meme. You hit our soft spot there, well done.

4th Place: @xtrivechan

What a fascinating watch! Hilarious and catchy. We were entertained the whole length of the video. Good jov!

5th Place: @TonyJoy94218660

There were many candidates for position 5. You bagged it Tony with the sheer amount of stuff you added to it. Pump it!

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