The long awaited app MOONSHOTS is finally coming to fruition. Browse thousands of tokens / coins tailored to your filters. Are you after low market cap coins? No problem. Perhaps something more stable that's been running for months and has a solid foundation? Sure thing!

With Moonshots the process of finding your next gem just got simpler.

To access the app you must be registered. For authenticity we introduced a fast and easy sign up process - a validation email will be sent out to avoid spam users and bots.

Easy Registration!


This is the primary feature of the app. Users will have the ability to browse through a list of coins and find the top picks. The more votes a coin has, the higher it appears in the top picks. 


Add coin. Promote.

Everyone has the ability to submit a coin onto the platform. A verification process will take place for your submission to avoid fake contracts and bots. 

After a successful submission you have the option to promote your coin! It will appear prominently on the moonshots section of the app.

View info.

Users will be able to view information on the selected coin by simply clicking on it. Charts will connect via API to provide live data feeds for the coin. The information is taken from the submission form users fill out when submitting their own coin.

NFTs. Mint.

The app will feature a NFT marketplace and minting option. Users will have the option to sell/auction or buy/bid NFTs. Each NFT will have a description page attached to it allowing the user to view the NFT history, description and artist. 

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