How to buy BabyShibaInu guide.

Here at Baby Shiba Inu we have implemented a solution that allows direct trades of BabyShibaInu and purchasing of BNB coins all on our very own website thanks to the SWAP feature. Please note, this is only available for MetaMask.

But let's start from the basics. Follow the guide below for assistance.

Step 1.

First and foremost you will need to have a wallet. This is where you will store all your crypto. The two most popular and reliable options are MetaMask and TrustWallet (for mobile phones). Links are provided for you below.



Step 2.

Since BabyShibaInu trades on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), we will need to connect BSC Mainnet to your wallet. Below are two links which will lead you to a fast guide on how to add BSC to the wallet you chose.



Step 3.

Finally we are getting to the juicy stuff. Now that you have a wallet and BSC connected, you will need Binance Coin (BNB) to purchase BabyShibaInu. There are two ways to get BNB - first is to send BNB from another exchange into your wallet, and the second is to directly buy BNB using our SWAP feature.

Option 1: Send BNB

To send BNB, you will first have to know your wallet address.


For MetaMask, the address is located right at the top as shown in screenshot.


With TrustWallet, you will first have to tap 'Receive', then select BNB and finally your wallet address will appear.

Option 2: Buy BNB

With MetaMask you have to option to purchase BNB via our SWAP feature. Click the button below to enter the swap tab.


Upon entering, connect your wallet by clicking 'Unlock Wallet' and selecting MetaMask. Approve the connection.


Finally, click the 'BUY' button on the very top and enter you payment details to purchase BNB.

Step 4.

Now that you have BNB in your wallet, it is time to exchange it for BabyShibaInu. MetaMask is by far the simpler method so we will show how to swap with it first.

Once more, you will be accessing the SWAP feature. It will link you directly to the BabyShibaInu contract allowing you to trade right away.

You are now in the trading screen. BNB and BabyShibaInu will automatically be selected for you. First thing you need to do is type the amount of BNB you would like to trade for BabyShibaInu. Make sure to leave enough BNB to cover gas fees!

Secondly you will need to set the slippage to 12%.


When you are happy with the amount - hit 'SWAP', confirm the transaction and accept the gas fees. You are now the owner of BabyShibaInu coin!

With TrustWallet, to purchase BabyShibaInu we will go to a different SWAP site - PancakeSwap. Below are a series of screenshots to help navigate.

When you launch the app and login, click 'DApps', find PancakeSwap. This will take you to a identical SWAP screen as the one we use on our website. Find BabyShibaInu in the tokens list and make sure to set the slippage to 12%. If for any reason you cannot find BabyShibaInu in the token list, simply paste the contract below and it will appear:



When all is set, click SWAP, confirm the transaction and accept the gas fees. You are now a owner of BabyShibaInu!

Errors and how to fix them.

PancakeSwap has compiled a list of errors that can occur during the purchasing or selling of tokens. If you experience an error please click the button below to find your solution.

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